A Fiend in Need

A Fiend in Need

Demon Duster Book 2

Freshly anointed as the Demon Duster, destined to protect the world from demons, Cass tries to look at the bright side. Sure, she has to kill demons (ew!), but her super-powered metabolism means she can eat all the donuts she wants. Plus, for the first time in forever, her hoo-hah is happy (gorgeous demon – they’re not all evil). But it’s hard to stay positive when you discover a website offering a reward for your death.

The demon queen is ticked because her sex slave faery (not that kind of faery) has escaped and offered his “services” to Cass in exchange for sanctuary. How can Cass turn away a man in need… especially one with a godlike body and seriously magical fingers?

Suddenly, her already complicated life is a lot more complicated, with not one, not two, but three hot guys who are hot for her… and a demon queen planning an all-out attack. This is soooo not the life Cass signed up for!

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