Would the Fates bring them together only to tear her out of his arms?

The moment Leda James sees uptight doctor Max Evans in the mercantile, she recognizes him as the man she’s destined to love. But she won’t marry when all the signs say her death is at hand. She’ll enjoy his passionate embrace while she can, but she won’t make a widower out of him.

Although Max moved West to avoid love – which inevitably leads to pain – he soon finds himself helpless to resist the flame-haired fortune teller’s kisses… despite her insistence that she’ll die soon. If Leda has “the sight,” why do her predictions keep going so comically awry? Surely, the only thing she’s right about is that they’re destined for each other!

But Max doesn’t know about the strangers in Tanglewood, looking for trouble – and for the good luck charm hanging from Leda’s beautiful neck.

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