May 2004

With a Twist

With a Twist

printed in "Summer in Savannah"

Welcome to Steam, the hottest club in Savannah. Here the jazz is smooth, the dance floor is hopping and the attraction between three unsuspecting couples is rising as quickly as the temperature.

One case of mistaken identity has Sophia Alexander nursing a wounded -- not to mention very sexy! -- bartender on her boat . . .and soon she finds herself riding a wave of undeniable passion.

WITH A TWIST by Maureen Child
Two things will make cocktail waitress Kelly O'Shea's life complete: dumping a tray of drinks on the man who broke her heart... and getting him out of her system by getting him into her bed.

THE DARE AFFAIR by Sheri WhiteFeather
Three little words, I dare you, entice club owner Clay Crawford to begin a white-hot affair with the beautiful -- and once unattainable -- socialite he's secretly craved for far too long . . .

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