April 2006

Fortune's Legacy

Fortune's Legacy

"Who cares if I grew up with money? I deserve this job." — Kyra Fortune, associate VP

Kyra Fortune can't believe she might get fired. Sure, she knows some people think she's a spoiled brat with more family connections than brains, but she knows the game at Voltage Energy Company: don't let anyone see you sweat. So when she's asked to accompany senior VP Garrett Wolff — her most vocal critic — to a sales conference in Colorado, she jumps at the chance to prove herself.

Then a car crash in the middle of a churning snowstorm forces Kyra and Garrett to huddle in an abandoned cabin — and sparks fly. But by morning light, there's new trouble on the horizon. A Voltage conspiracy scandal is electrifying the newspapers. And Kyra's family name is at the heart of it all.

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