Maureen Child

E-Books: Dream Weaver

The bestselling author of Still Close to Heaven and This Time for Keeps is back with a magical tale of romance between two souls born a century apart destined to love one another for eternity...

Life hasn't always been kind to rancher Conner James, so why should he be surprised when a twister dumps more trouble into his lap, in the form of a sassy Irish redhead? He can't very well turn Meara away. The sharp-tongued beauty has no horse, no belongings - and no memory! What she does have is a mysterious ability to step into his dreams, tormenting him with visions of passion. She's turning his life upside down, awake and asleep.

When a stranger comes to town claiming Meara as his wife, will Conner let her go? Or will he fight to hold on to the woman of his dreams?

Dream Weaver

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