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E-Books: This Time For Keeps

Nora Wilding woke up in a body that wasn’t her own. Her life in 21st century L.A. was brought to a humiliating end, and now her soul has been sent to a Montana ranch… in 1875! When she asked to return as a rich young woman, going back in time was not what she had in mind! Still, she can make this work. The important thing is to stay away from love. Each of her prior lives ended when she fell in love… but sex never killed anyone, right?

Ranch foreman Seth Murdoch can’t get over the change in Nora. No longer sickly and meek, this Nora is strong, stubborn, and set on seducing him into her bed. Seth promised her pa that he’d watch over her. That doesn’t include giving in to the passion burning through his soul, no matter how tempting her sweet kisses may be.

Under the starlit sky, the two surrender to feelings they can no longer deny. But if Nora braves that final step from lust to love, will she die yet again? Or this time, will she find Heaven in his arms?

Originally published as Kathleen Kane

This Time For Keeps

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