Maureen Child

E-Books: Still Close to Heaven

Jackson Tate is about as useful a ghost as he was a man. He had one job to do - save the girl, then wipe her memory - and he loused it up!

Oh, he rescued sweet Rachel Morgan, all right, but instead of making her forget him, he made a promise he never intended to keep. He told her he'd come back to her one day. How was he to know that the child would grow into a beautiful, lonely woman, saving herself for a man who didn't exist? Now, at 25, she's a spinster, determined to go through life alone.

That will never do! Rachel must marry so she can have the daughter destined for great things. So Jackson's bosses on high give the rogue ghost one last chance - if he can find a husband for Rachel, they'll let Jackson move on to Heaven. If not...

Originally published as Kathleen Kane

Still Close to Heaven
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